About Us

Mission and Vision

At Welfare News Service, our mission is to provide reliable and high-quality news, analysis, and feature articles related to welfare policies and issues. We firmly believe that access to accurate information is paramount in driving positive change and empowering individuals and communities to navigate the complexities of various welfare programs. Our vision is to be a trusted source of news and resources, driving dialogue and influencing policy for the betterment of society.

Our History

Welfare News Service was founded in 2010 by Adam Franklin, a passionate advocate for social welfare and a visionary leader in the field. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized individuals and communities, Adam was determined to bridge the information gap surrounding welfare policies. He gathered a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members who shared his vision and brought together their expertise to create a platform that informs, educates, and empowers.

Founder – Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin’s lifelong commitment to social justice inspired him to establish Welfare News Service. With a solid background in journalism and a wealth of experience in researching and analyzing welfare systems globally, he perceived an urgent need for an authoritative source that could demystify the complexities of welfare policies for both individuals and policymakers alike. Adam’s deep empathy and knowledge drive the ethos of this platform, ensuring that our content is credible, impartial, and impactful.

The Birth of our Website

The founding team recognized the limitations of traditional media in comprehensively covering welfare news and ensuring accessibility for all. To address this gap, we decided to create the Welfare News Service website. This digital platform enables us to provide timely and substantial coverage on welfare-related matters, reaching a wider audience regardless of their location and socioeconomic status. We are committed to leveraging the power of technology to disseminate accurate and relevant information efficiently and effectively.

Our Objective & Target Audience

Our objective is clear: to provide a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of welfare policies and issues. We aim to be the go-to source for individuals seeking information to navigate through the often convoluted welfare landscape. Welfare News Service also targets policymakers, researchers, and activists who strive to make evidence-based decisions and drive positive change in welfare policies at local, national, and international levels.

The Unique Value Welfare News Service Brings

What sets Welfare News Service apart is the dedication and expertise of our team of experienced editors and researchers who diligently curate every article on our platform. By combining thorough fact-checking processes with a commitment to inclusiveness, we ensure that you can trust the information you find here. We go beyond mere news reporting by regularly publishing in-depth analyses, insightful opinion pieces, policy briefs, and interviews with experts. Additionally, through an interactive comments section, our platform promotes community engagement, fostering meaningful discussions among readers.

In conclusion, Welfare News Service stands at the forefront of delivering accurate and timely information on welfare policies. Trust us for impeccably sourced, engaging articles that empower both individuals and policymakers to make informed decisions. Join us in our mission to drive positive change for a better welfare system that uplifts the lives of those in need.

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