Iain Duncan Smith Caught Out Lying Yet Again

This article written, by Rory MacKinnon and titled ‘benefit basher ids caught out yet again’, was first published by the Morning Star on 15 July 2013.

Iain Duncan SmithWork and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was caught lying yet again today after he claimed that homeless figures had “hardly moved” under the Con-Dem coalition.

The millionaire minister tossed out the claim in a huff over harsh criticisms on the launch of his new household benefit cap.

The £500 per family per week limit, which is lowered to £350 for a single person, has been criticised for its “one-size-hits-all” approach.

More than half of the households affected include four or more children, according to the government’s own research.

The resulting cut will see those families pushed £10.88 a week below the poverty line set by Mr Duncan Smith’s own department.

Meanwhile housing campaigners say the inclusion of housing benefit in the cap will sting households for rents that they have no control over.

A leaked letter from Communities Secretary Eric Pickles’s office warned the cap would leave 20,000 households homeless, on top of another 20,000 made homeless by the bedroom tax.

But Mr Duncan Smith brazenly told a BBC news anchor today that he did not “believe” the Con-Dems’ policies had forced people out of their homes.

“The great talk about thousands being made homeless has not come true – the homeless figures hardly moved at all,” he claimed.

But figures from Mr Duncan Smith’s own department show a 10 per cent rise in statutory homelessness in the last year alone.

More than 55,300 households were in temporary accommodation care of their local authority at the end of March.

The homeless figure in England has risen by around 27 per cent since the Con-Dems came to power in 2010, according to reports by the House of Commons Library, although campaigners say the real number is far higher as many claimants are turned away.

Mr Duncan Smith has a history of misinformation. In April he bragged that “8,000 people who would have been affected by the (benefit) cap” had since got jobs.

But the UK Statistics Authority said that claim was “unsupported by official evidence.”

The arch-Tory bristled at the rebuke – but when questioned again today still could not stump up the figures.

“The reality is, I believe that to be right,” he fumed.

Meanwhile Child Poverty Action Group’s Tim Nicholls told the Morning Star the real problem with housing benefit was taxpayer cash “going to the landlord, not the claimant.”

Years of politicians’ pandering to property speculators meant that in most cases it would be state help for a family’s rent that activates the cap.

“We need politicians to start taking the tough decisions to bring down sky-high rents instead of punishing the victims of the housing crisis,” he said.

  • JackieCairns

    cant stand this arrogant lying monster,only for his rich wifes family hed be in the dole que with the rest of us,its true what they say ,MONEY TALKS.all be it a load of rubbish in his case

  • BoB

    IDS must either be Incompitent or Corrupt, which is it IDS ??

    • http://gravatar.com/aturtle05 Anthony Turtle

      Incompetent, Dumb and Stupid

  • Eric Jarvis

    The government will not act to bring down rents. That is because half the Cabinet have extensive financial interests in property companies. It is government ministers who directly profit from sky-high rents.

  • Paul Delaney

    IDS = NPD. And no, not New York Police Dept.

  • Jay

    Can I just say that IDS is not the millionaire, his wife is – I bet that must drive him crazy :)

  • Anne Selby

    I think he might be unravelling at the seams to be honest. He’s been caught out in lies so many times now that it’s embarrassing to watch it. And I completely agree with Tone M’s diagnosis for IDS. He definitely suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • Karen M

    And now Osborne says the cap should be lower still. Come on Milliband oppose this!!! Your party is called The Opposition for a reason..

  • Tone M

    IDS suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Symptoms include a pathological ability to lie. Belief the one is always right. Rage if lies are getting exposed. Lack of ability to recognise suffering caused by one’s actions on other – eg lack of empathy. Sadistic cruelty to the defenseless. A need to have a visible profile at whatever cost – eg to be in the news etc. Megalomaniacs are cut from the same cloth. In essence – no matter what position this man holds – he is dangerous. George Osborne and David Cameron are of the same ilk…

    • Jay

      I totally agree with you! That means that IDS has a mental health disorder and should not be in such a position of power! You watch, if he got signed off he’d take the DWP for everything that they have – he’d want every benefit under the sun!

  • Karen M

    I believe IDS’s attitude will come back to haunt him if organisations like Child Poverty Action Group and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation find child poverty increases as the cap bites.

    • shadowmatt

      He will probably blame the parents for not having a good enough job, you have already seen their response to food banks. They basically think people are taking the piss and just want free food.

      I would think their next step is to start bring legal action against parents who are too poor to adequately feed their children.

  • stephen

    yet another brainwashed individual that believes everything this government tells them,if there is a single person who is in receipt of £350 benefit per week how much do you think that person actualy gets in his/her hand?ill enlighten you,they get £71 jobseekers,the other £279 goes to the landlord/council in rent and council tax etc,so who are the real scroungers here?the person or organisation that gets nearly 4 times the jobseeeker (with no conditions)or the jobseeker on £71 with conditions applied,cut the rents,oh but the government wont do that,theyre the ones that are getting all this money,especialy in and around london,perhars the answer is to throw them all out on the street,then theyll all be sleeping rough so perhaps we should shoot them all to clean the streets up?

  • Jimbo

    £350 a week is far to much for a single person on welfare. Try earning that much. It really angers me…..

    • Karen M

      Think London/SE rentals and the cost of transport anywhere in the UK: Shanks’s pony is not an option for many disabled people (people in rural areas are hardest hit). The figure is the maximum not the average.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jennydent1 Jenny Dent

      No surprises there IDS wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the eye There are very few households getting these levels of benefit Those who are will most likely have high rent.
      When is someone going to stand up in national tv and say just exactly how much benefit they actually get and why.
      My daughter is a single parent (she was married) she does her best but if anything breaks down ie fridge freezer how can she replace it without getting into debt

    • Karen M

      I’m quite happy to admit I was on assessment rate ESA for a year ie £71.00. Try living on that with dignity Jimbo. It means bargain in hunting in the shops,turning the heating as low as possible. I used to go to bed during the day, not because I was lazy but because it all got to me and to be frank to keep myself warm.

      • Karen M

        Worked out how much I had to spend at the end, after all bills- just under £25.

    • paul s

      they should also have put with kids or with problems like domestic violence…they don’t give that out to any one that’s single, men are turned away unless they have a drug problem and/or they are under the age of 26 just because the caps that high does not mean everyone is getting it just means that in the worst case that is the maximum you can claim.

    • Jay

      Then you don’t look into things properly do you? You just believe the lies that IDS spouts continually don’t you?
      Do you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well? It sounds as though you do…

    • Paul Delaney

      Jimbo, don’t believe it man, read Stevens explanation. It’s £71 per week, less than SOME people pay for their weekly electricity bill.

    • screwtheright

      Thick moron