Disability Campaigners Slam BBC Censorship In Letter To Lord Patten

The following letter was forwarded to the Welfare News Service on 4th October 2013, by M. A. Stewart:


Dear Lord Patten [pictured],

Link: http://www.europaeum.org/europaeum/?q=node/1340

Quote: ‘He has just been appointed to chair the new BBC Trust, whose task is to protect what is probably the finest public service broadcasting outfit in the world, often snared into the web of politics, but which retains its worldwide reputation for impartiality and accuracy.”

Please be advised that I am a disability researcher and, to date, my research has been quoted during welfare debates in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and in Westminster Hall. I am advised that the United Nations are to consider my research portfolio and the evidence from it exposed the long ago planned destruction of the British welfare state.

I write to you today on behalf of the members of two disability support groups: Black Triangle Campaign (BTC) and Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

I note with interest that Andy Burnham MP has written to you to enquire as to why BBC News offered no more than a token gesture to the recent mass public demonstration by an estimated 50,000 people, outside the Conservative Party Conference, in protest at the Government’s planned changes to the NHS and the identified threat that those changes infer to the greatest institution in this country.


This published letter from Andy Burnham has caught my attention. In April 2013 I wrote to David Jordan, on behalf of BTC & DPAC, to ask why the public protest of 26,000 people representing disabled people, those with long-term health issues and their allies, protesting against the dangerous ‘welfare reforms’, was totally disregarded by BBC News? The State news broadcaster now constantly refuses to expose the fact that many thousands of people, up and down this country, are regularly protesting against this Coalition Government. The response was less than helpful as the highly paid Director of Editorial Policy simply referred my enquiries to staff members Fran Unsworth and Amanda Rice, who have failed to respond to my enquiry, that represents the concerns of in excess of 100,000 disabled people, carers and allies.

Furthermore, a subsequent letter to David Jordan, in May 2013, remains unanswered and so I am writing to the Chair of the BBC Trust to invite a detailed explanation as to why the State broadcaster, funded by licence fee payers, is knowingly preventing the British public accessing essential news information?

More recently, on 2nd September 2013, this network of campaigners from BTC and DPAC protested outside of BBC Broadcasting House and, yet again, BBC Editors failed to allow this news to be reported to the British viewing public, and so, given the above, you will understand why the claimed ‘impartiality’ of the BBC News is now demonstrated to have been totally compromised. BTC wrote to the Editors of the BBC to invite a meeting, to ask why they are reporting government rhetoric demonising disabled people, whilst failing to expose the many deaths of disabled people under this confirmed government tyranny. They were ignored, so disabled people’s protests were once again dismissed by BBC News.

Then there was the powerful and moving memorial at Parliament Square, on 28th September, led by the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, in memory of 10,600 people who died in 2011 within six weeks of the ‘assessment’, by Atos Healthcare, that told them they were ‘fit to work’. BBC News totally disregarded this moving event that provided a carpet of white flowers in memory of the growing numbers of disabled people who have been killed by the State. The rising numbers of deaths shortly after disabled people have been found fit to work by Atos Healthcare, on behalf of the Government, for the past two years are unavailable from the DWP. Someone should be asking why such vital information is no longer collated ??

http://dpac.uk.net/2013/09/10k-cuts-and-counting-video/ – re 10,000 Cuts and Counting Video link – WHERE was BBC News??

http://www.peoplesrepublicofsouthwark.co.uk/hold-news/news/3184-10-000-cuts – photographic testimony.

Given that my research exposed the real reasons behind the welfare ‘reforms’, as planned long ago regardless of the banking crisis, and the fact that the national press have confirmed that the Coalition Government have prevented the press from exposing this evidence to the British public, I invite you to now offer a detailed explanation as to why the BBC have tolerated what would appear to be obvious Government interference with BBC News editorial?

Back in November 2007, BBC News exposed the unacceptable influence of one of the world’s most notorious corporate insurance giants with the planned UK welfare reforms, who boasted that they were ‘guiding’ UK welfare reforms. This company continues to influence government policy, are invested in corporate influence within the NHS reforms, hold fringe meetings at political conferences and continue to hide behind the scenes whilst the British welfare state is systematically destroyed, as planned by them many years ago. In 2007 the BBC News apparently enjoyed unadulterated editorial control of the news but, clearly, under the Coalition Government and with you as Chairman of the BBC Trust, this is sadly no longer the case.



This serious matter clearly calls into question your position as the Chair of the BBC Trust given that you were once a Conservative MP. I trust this letter has attracted your urgent attention and at least 100,000 people look forward to your response at your earliest possible convenience, which will be widely published on the Internet.

Yours sincerely,

Disability researcher
Disabled veteran (WRAF)
Former healthcare professional


    You seem to have gotten yourself “mixed up” with General Patton?
    Except, you do not have, the wherewithal, that the American General had… You spout rhetoric, about your experience, but the ” proof of the pudding” – m’lud, is in the results, you are, and have been inept, at every government post you’ve held, brought nothing but negativity, to politics, and have not implemented ANY policies, that are good for the people of this country!

  • http://Facebook. R J Edge

    Patton failed MP failed diplomat failed human being! what more is there to say?

  • Mardell

    @Peggy — What the present government? Under Cameron the BBC faces a 16% funding cut over 6 years, so it hardly favours the Conservatives.

    One has to be an absolute moron not to realise that the BBC is totally left-wing biased.

    • Glynnux

      @MARDELL, is there now a neo-far-right left wing that we weren’t aware of or did your absolute moron accusation just backfire?
      The 16% funding cut probably reflects on the possibility that they will be receiving their news editorial pre-scripted therefore saving on reporting costs.

      For objecting to receiving biased propaganda in return for the licence fee one has to be corrected? You may find you’re in a tiny minority with that.

  • Dave Ellis

    Interesting how these sort of things seem to be happening in countries all over the world, all at roughly the same time – Same sex Marriage being another example – and increasingly the media are coming out with the same agenda. Funny how we still deride the idea of conspiracy theory.

  • https://www.facebook.com/eric.jarvis.9041 Eric Jarvis

    Chris Patten was the minister who invited UNUM to take over benefits policy and research. He’s got some of te dirtiest hands around when it comes to this issue. It’s not going to be easy to get the BBC to report that a company brought into the wlfare system by the current chair of the BBC Trust has been involved in driving over 10,000 vulnerable people to their deaths simply in order to rip off working people for private unemployment insurance. It is the sickest and most corrupt thing that has happened in British politics in my lifetime. Chris Patten is one of the prime perpetrators of this murderous scam. Sadly he now oversees the organisation that should really be exposing it.

  • bob blues

    The BBC’s WEB infrastructure is provided by ATOS. Why do you think they wont report on this.

  • https://www.facebook.com/JDPuss Ian Jd Andrews

    This is why I cancelled my TV licence in disgust … I’d rather download the programmes I want to watch than suffer any more of this propoganda, The BBC once a byword for impartiality and trustworthyness has now become little more than a mouthpiece for the Governments lies

  • Andy

    You folks probably know this already – I bet the fact that ATOS bought out Siemens back in 2011 and thereby are now in control of the technical side of BBC running – http://www.bbc.co.uk/ariel/14014213 – has hugely impacted what news items make it to TV screens … for me this explains why there is so little info getting out about the changes to the NHS, welfare and the public sector… when I found this out a few days ago it made me feel sick to my stomach

  • http://gravatar.com/hypermobilecat hypermobilecat

    Why isnt bbc reporting what is going on ?it isnt only the bbc,it is all the uk news . I will not watch any uk made news anymore,I watch rt news,it is like watching how our news used to be. There is something sinister ,it reminds me of other countries,where atrocoties are happening and there is only state news. I never believed our country could be like this,If they have to report anything at all that is remotely detrimental to the government,they do it very quickly,as though they have something to fear reporting it at all. I have observed a couple of times now where a reporter will question the primeminister or anyone in the cabinet,the primeminister said to Robin Carr when questioned “You should know better ,seeing as you are with the bbc”,and when Hunt was questioned,he seemed to imply it would not be in the reporters best interest to carry on in this line of questioning.I have seen this happen on three occasions now,good for the reporter doing it,but what on earth is going on ?what have the government got on bbc?

    • http://www.whywaitforever.com/dwpatosveterans.html#documents Mo Stewart

      The BBC are the STATE Broadcaster so, if the State decides they don’t want the BBC to offer impartial news coverage, they probably won’t; hence the letter.

    • Claire M

      It’s not only the BBC that seem to not want to say anything that could be seen as anti-government. Sky News is also guilty of this approach. Only the other night on Sky News press preview there was a discussion on one story about a government policy and one of the guests was against it and being quite vocal about the wrongs of it. The Sky News presenter said they’d have to leave that for now, cut her off and moved on to the next piece where she hadn’t done so before and didn’t do so after. It obviously wasn’t a time issue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.lloyd.96 Peggy Lloyd

    I no longer watch BBC news programmes as it is totally biased in favour of the Government. As a license fee payer I am disgusted