Anger As Freud Insists Increase In Food Bank Usage Not A Result Of Welfare Cuts

Minister for Welfare Reform, Lord Freud.

Freud2Tory welfare minister, Lord Freud, caused anger today, after suggesting the steep rise in the number of people visiting food banks had nothing to do with coalition welfare cuts.

The minister suggested that more people were turning to charitable food banks simply because more existed, and he denied the coalition were using food banks to fill the holes left by welfare cuts, despite the fact that people are being referred to food banks by jobcentre’s.

Lord Freud told members of the House of Lords that:

“Food banks are absolutely not part of the welfare system that we run. We have other systems to support people.”, and that “If you put more food banks in, that is the supply. Clearly food from a food bank is by definition a free good and there’s almost infinite demand.”

  • “scrounger”

    What you and Lord Freud seem to be (intentionally?) omitting is that in order to access this “free” food, people have to be referred. By social work, GP’s or even the DWP themselves.
    Supplies are limited so this has always been the case.
    You can’t just turn up at the door and get a “free handout”. That’s not how it works.
    How would you feel if you had NO OPTION but to go to a food-bank? I hope you are never in that position.
    With the carnage this Con-Dem coalition are wreaking on benefits, you would have to be a multi-millionaire (like most of the current cabinet), to have any semblance of security if you became unemployed or too sick/disabled to work.

    • “scrounger”

      And “John Smith” makes the smart choice and deletes his inflammatory comment just as I post…

      • wns_admin

        His comment was removed by an administrator – apologies for any upset it may have caused.

      • wns_admin

        You are absolutely correct that obtaining support from a food bank is by no means an easy task. In the majority of cases people need to be referred to them in order to receive any help.